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Digital Consultancy

you want your project to succeed, and so do we


As an agency we live and breath everything digital – it’s all we have done since 2008. Unlike most agencies, we are completely transparent when it comes to advising you on a project. It’s not in our nature, or our best interest, to sell or build you something that you don’t really need, or won’t provide a return on your investment. We want to work with you not just on this project, but the next, and the next and then next; and this is what we find with the customers who choose to do business with us.

We pride ourselves on listening to your goals and objectives, and will be completely honest with you if we know of a better solution, especially if its simpler and most cost effective for your business. Our digital consultancy service is grounded in our experience of delivering digital projects across, design, web development, bespoke software and mobile app development. Using our real world experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.


You know your business, but we know software


The challenge businesses face with systems they use every day, is just that, you use them every day.

As days go by you make accommodations for things not working as effectively as they should, and you gradually alter your work flow until it becomes the norm. You don’t even notice it’s not working as well as it should anymore and it’s easy to forget why you have this software at all.

Our goal is to shine a light on the areas of your business which you need clarity.

We work with you to understand your challenges and uncover the solution you need to improve efficiencies and maximise your return on the investment you have made. Our digital consultants are great at this, and have a very unique combination of both IT and business backgrounds, meaning our advice and recommendations are grounding in the impact to your business, not technology for technology sake.


How we help you understand your software


Koodoo Creative’s software consultancy process starts with an in-depth conversation that will help you realise the full potential and value of the software and systems in your business, whether they are bought in or build in house.

We’ll critically review what you are currently doing and what you are currently using, and will spend time understanding your business vision and what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Understanding your business and what you are trying to achieve is a detailed process. Our job here is to listen, ask lots of questions and then pull together reports and recommendations on how you could transform your business through software and systems.

We will then agree the right solutions for your specific challenges, help you to understand the technology, budget, and timescale required to achieve and exceed your business ambitions. Whether we are helping you to seek out the best company for the job, or working with your existing development team to achieve your goal, we want you to succeed.



We focus on creating customer centred experiences that don’t just look good, but help your business grow



If you can add value to your customers by giving them easy access to a service, then a mobile app is for you



Building complex web apps, client portals and pretty much everything in between; we’re experts in building your business

Koodoo Creative are a leading web development agency specialising in bespoke web design and development, custom software development and project consultancy. We work with you to understand your exact digital requirements and create bespoke solutions to your business challenges.

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